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Ear, Nose & Throat Care

Specializing in treating disorders of the ear, nose & throat. Skilled in the latest surgical advancements for head and neck surgery.


With MiniCAT, your doctor can diagnose and treat you faster!

Unlike large, multi-purpose full body CT scanners found in hospital’s and imaging centers, the MiniCAT is a low radiation dose CT scanner specifically designed to scan the sinuses and temporal bones.


  • MiniCAT scans emit significantly less radiation dose than sinus scans on a full-body CT scanner.
  • MiniCAT scans take only 10 or 20 seconds, depending on the imaging protocol.
  • While full-body scanners at hospitals can be claustrophobic, MiniCAT allows you to sit comfortably upright in an open, patient-friendly design.


  • Instead of three visits, which may require significant time away from work or extra child care, patient evaluation is completed in one visit.
  • Get your diagnosis during your office exam so you can begin your treatment and start feeling better faster!
  • Same day diagnosis may minimize the quantity of office co-pays, depending on your insurance provider.